How To Choose The Best Domain Name?

Name is one of the vital things of a person’s life, both in personal or professional as well as in the business. In everyday life just think that you don’t have a name but a code, and everyone calls you that with code, what’ll happen? Everyone is calling you with “0001”, where are you going? How will it make sense? No one gives a shit about what you are or what you do. They only know the name. The name is doing that, ‘ve done that, when they gossip frequently.They don’t see the “NEWTON” but know the name, and his work. So it’s from the birth of a human, his/her parents doing so much R&D to give a name. So do all the business men/women who give birth to a business always want to give a catchy and attractive name. Like this all the websites have their own identity which is called IP address. But not everyone can remember or memorize the numbers rather than the name. So to keep it simple and easy for every one Domain name is introduced.

What is Domain?

In a word domain is the name of a website- which is selected or owned by the owner of the website. In practical life we can name someone as our liking, no matter which name it is. We can name anyone Barack Obama. But to have an identity we have to register the name in the birth certificate and if we want to change it we have to go to the court. Like that, to make a systematic way there’s an authority in registration of domain which is called Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Only ICANN has the right to generate the domain name and holds all the power. But unlike in life where there can be a lot of Obamas, in the internet world every website has their own unique name, no two of them are the same. They must have at least one difference. Like there’s only one you can’t find the second one. You can find alike names matched but not 100% similar.

Types of domain?

So talking about the Domain, there’s lots of variation in the name. A website has 3 parts in the name. Like; has 3 parts, first one is “www” which is called subdomain. “Wpthemexpert” is called domain and “.com” is called Top-Level-domain.

What is sub domain?

Subdomain is the additional part of your domain, or we can say in real life a person has different behaviour like: emotion, character, etc. all behaviour completes the person like that all the sections complete the websites. Mostly used and popular subdomain is WWW, almost every website uses “WWW” as their sub domain.


Domain is a name purchased by webmasters and registered by ICANN. One or more websites have the same subdomain but no other website has the same domain.


The last part of the domain or we can say which completes the name of the website or ends with it is called Top-Level-domain(TLD). Like in real life we have surnames like Obama, Clinton, Trump etc, we can say this as a surname of a website.The most prestigious TLD or sur-name in the history of the website  is “.com”. Like in real life there’re a lot of surnames or we can call TLD there on the internet as “.net” “.info” .”gov” “.edu”. On the basis of the uges and availability of the website TLD is selected.

How to choose the best domain name:

To choose the best domain name there’s lots of variable factors depending on. No one can tell you that these are the deciding factors. But everyone is going to agree with some core points, here are some of the determining factors of purchasing domain.

Come up with an Idea:

Before determining the domain you have to come up with an idea- “Why”. Why would you buy a particular domain? What’ll be the uges of the website? What service will you provide? And moreover, what is the purpose of the website?

Now randomly generate Idea:

After you know “Why” just go to google or domain name generator sites and do some surfing to generate ideas about how your competitors use domain names. What type of domains are available and what type of domain names are popular.

Focus on niche and keyword:

When you’ll get the idea from the competitors and market place, go for the niche and keywords. In which niche you would be working and what sub-niche you’re focusing on. And also the keywords related with the niche you’re looking at. Keep in mind to be specific but not too narrow, So that seeing your name one can assume the website services but also you have to keep it wide open so that you can include more services in near future.

Attractive, lucrative and catchy;

There’s a famous and popular item in the movies and novels called “Love at first sight”. Your domain need not to be loved by some though. But need to give an impact in the eyes of the visitors. So that name can be easily caught in the eyes of the visitors, and can look back the second time to the domain. 

Read the psychology of the target customers:

You would never believe this is the most simplest and toughest job ever- To read the psychology of the traffic. Traffic is those who never stuck in a pattern. They always shift their pattern. But if you know how to do it you can do it in a glimpse of time. If someone can catch the eyes of the traffic with the name of it, it’ll be a great achievement, as the name will be stored in the subconscious mind of the person. He’ll type the website domain or spell it or talk about it when thinking of a similar niche.

Final Thought:

In choosing the right domain we can do whatever we want. In every blog or website or in every tool we found lots of methods to do that or lots of steps. We may follow those steps to choose the right domain. We may do lots of analysis, but in the end the only thing that matters is what your mind says. The really important thing is to go for instinct, which domain your instinct says would be the best suit for your website. Just go for it.


Q. Which domains are the best?

A. From the perception of the visitors to the seo experts all are going to agree in one common answer which will be those which have “.com” extension . The .com TLD, standing for “commercial” and going on (. edu) is stand for educational, so do (. gov) stand for governmental.

Q. Do .com domains rank higher

A. There’s no direct relation or direct impact in SEO ranking. Like in real life sur-name don’t have direct impact in career or business but when someone has a surname from a reputed family he’ll have some advantages. So .com TLD may not impact in ranking but Google prioritized them indirectly.,

Q. Should my domain name be my name?

A. Actually it all depends on the perception of the webmaster. Why does the webmaster want to build up the site? And what’s the long term benefit webmasters want. If a webmaster wants to build own name as a brand and make an asset then go for it. But if the site is in full running and then wants to make profit by selling it then go for a neutral one.

Q. How do I permanently buy a domain name?

A. No one can owe the domain name permanently. This like taking a rent of a name, and like rental payment, every year there’s a renue fee. So Everyone has to go through this process. But there;s another way to take the rent for upto 10 year.

Q. How much should you pay for a domain name?

A. It fully depends on from which site you’re purchasing. It varies from site to site. But a TLD extension domain can range from $0.99 to $12 per month which means $12 to $144 yearly.